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STP-400 H
The layout of the 400H based solely on the criteria of commercial applications!
Reliability, longevity, high thrust and less maintenance combined with excellent maneuverability and high efficiency meet the requirements of the commercial user.
That drive is also perfect suitable for fast Yachts!
Technical Data
Drive designation STP-400H
Length, mm 1320
Width, mm 690
Weight, kg 220
Propeller-diameter maximum, (in.) 23
Torque maximum, (lbft) According to application, up to 3700 (5000Nm)
Rotation speed maximum, rpm 4000
Rotation direction RH / LH
Material Aluminium alloy, stainless steel
Material Propellershaft Stainless steel CSM-21
Propshaft spline z31
Trimangle 27
Steering angle right / left each 25
Steering system Fully hydraulic (power-steering supported)
Trim system Electro hydraulic
Freshwater inlet Extern
Exhaust Extern
Colour Black