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Based on our long experience with commercial used drives, we now have designed the 300MXC to withstand the hard, daily use in commercial- and military vessels!

That 300MXC is also available for professional racing applications and for gasoline- or gas-turbine engines of +1500HP!

Technical Data
Drive designation STP-300MXC
Length, mm 1200
Width, mm 580
Weight, kg 125
Propeller-diameter maximum, (in.) 21
Torque maximum, (lbft) According to application, up to 1760 (2400Nm)
Rotation speed maximum, rpm 4000
Rotation direction RH / LH
Material Aluminium
Material Propellershaft Stainless steel CSM-21
Propshaft spline z25 others available on request
Trimangle 27
Steering angle right / left each 25
Steering system Fully hydraulic (power-steering supported)
Trim system Electro hydraulic
Freshwater inlet Extern
Exhaust Extern
Colour Black